Wilkinson Healthcare launch eCommerce site with Dynamics NAV

    New Sana web shop, enhanced by The NAV | 365 People, provides incontinence patients with a direct and discrete service tailored to their needs.


    Medical appliance wholesaler, Wilkinson Healthcare, has selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV from The NAV | 365 People to support all central business functions and provide a flexible and scalable platform giving the company a progression path as its operations grow. Dynamics NAV has helped to contain headcount costs by eliminating the need for manual order entry of approximately 650 orders daily and radically improved the level of visibility across the company, delivering real-time data on number of orders, stock levels and invoicing. Additionally, the increased functionality provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV has enabled Wilkinson Healthcare to develop a new channel to market. The recently launched web shop offers people affected by incontinence a direct and discrete facility to service their needs.

    Wilkinson Healthcare supplies stoma, continence and wound care products to UK Dispensing Alliance Contractors and the 9,500 pharmacies within the UK pharmacy network. The company holds approximately 4,500 lines of stock at any one time and receives between 500 and 800 orders daily. The prescription line items are sent to Wilkinson Healthcare via an interface developed by The NAV | 365 People, which integrates the pharmacy wholesalers system with Dynamics NAV. As soon as the warehouse team at Wilkinson Healthcare pick and pack the items, a notification is sent via the system confirming the order fulfilment.

    Accurate visibility of stock is vital; Dynamics NAV is used to keep track of stock levels and interfaces with the wholesaler’s system to provide real-time notifications every 15 minutes. By integrating the systems, Wilkinson Healthcare has significantly capped headcount costs by eliminating the need for manual order entry of hundreds of orders each day. Also by integrating the web shop into Dynamics NAV the company has created a single repository of information that has streamlined operations.

    Russ Melrose, Interim MD and IT Director at Wilkinson Healthcare comments: ‘The NAV | 365 People took the time to understand our requirements and delivered the solution not only within budget but also in the tightest of timescales. We are a small company with a high order throughput; the solution underpins our business and enables us to be incredibly efficient. The Dynamics NAV solution has put us on the path to optimisation, enabling us to further improve our business processes and providing the functionality in which to do this ourselves.’

    Ian Humphries, Managing & Product Director at The NAV | 365 People commented; ‘The key objective for Wilkinson Healthcare was a solution that had the flexibility to scale with their growth plans. By deploying Microsoft Dynamics with the nHanced Workflow module created by The NAV | 365 People, the company has the functionality and flexibility to create dashboards and make changes, without the services of a developer. This level of autonomy has put Wilkinson Healthcare in the driving seat of their IT business environment.’

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    About Wilkinson Healthcare

    Every day thousands of people across the UK rely on the services provided by Wilkinson Healthcare. The company has a long heritage in supplying stoma, continence and wound care products to UK Dispensing Alliance Contractors and the 9,500 pharmacies within the UK pharmacy network.

    Wilkinson Healthcare Ltd was established as an independent company in 2014,and since inception has helped people to understand more about the largely taboo subject of stoma and incontinence care. Through working with a range of medical bodies, charities and organisations, Wilkinson Healthcare has remained at the forefront of supplying the latest innovation in medical device and wound care products, equipping patients to lead positive lives.

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    Sue Smart - Storyteller at The NAV | 365 People
    Sue Smart - Storyteller at The NAV | 365 People

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