Warehousing 'How-to's' part 2

    Tutorial videos for Warehousing in Business Central

    As promised, here is 'part 2' for how to use more simple warehouse functionalities in your Business Central System. Having a more sophisticated level of control will give you the tools you need to reach your supply chain management goals.

    Last month, we introduced you to some of our new ‘How-To Videos’ that helped to explain some of the simple processes using the warehousing functionality in your Dynamics 365 Business Central system. Efficiencies within warehousing are more valuable now than ever, thanks to operating levels that are higher than they ever have been. You can find the list of videos that help to explain moving things in and out of your warehouse here.

    Below, we’ve compiled the rest of the videos. These relate to stock management and replenishment, including some handy shortcuts. To find them, go to our Videos and Guides page and filter for ‘How-To Videos’ and ‘Warehouse’.

    In these videos you will find out more about how to most efficiently complete simple procedures that will ensure the smooth and organised running of the warehouse, with minimal input required in your part. Whilst different strategies will be required for businesses who need different efficiencies, these videos will ensure that the foundations of warehousing knowledge are learnt in almost no time.


    We also have some other videos that you may find useful:


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